Activities near Buenaventura - Buenaventura

Activities near Buenaventura

Near Buenaventura Resort you will also find several activities and attractions that allow you to enjoy exciting experiences in the province of Coclé and surrounding areas:

  • Water activities and excursions offered by Adventures Tours, from Buenaventura: kayak, water rides, jet skis, surf camp, bike excursions and more.
  • Extreme sports and water activities in Punta Chame.
  • Surf in El Palmar, Gorgona, Malibu y other beaches near Buenaventura.
  • Casino and Disco in Royal Decameron Resort, Panamá.
  • Mantarraya Golf Club.
  • Shopping at the Fish Market in Río Hato.
  • Delicious seafood in Los Camisones Restaurant on the Interamerican Highway.
  • Lebanese food at Beirut Restaurant in Playa Blanca, Farallón.
  • Tour “Hacienda San Isidro de Varela Hnos S.A.” in Pesé, Azuero.
  • Camping in the San Carlos lagoon.
  • El Valle de Antón:  visit the Handcraft Market, thermal springs, spa, canopy activities, Zoo, botanical garden, Orchid Centre, butterflies conservatory, observe a rain forest, bird watching, serpentarium, hiking activities, horseback riding, and a visit to the Historical and Cultural Museum.

Coronado Shopping Center: You’ll find El Rey, and Super 99 for grocery shopping, department stores such as Machetazo, Novey, and Felipe Motta Wine shop, among others. In addition, major banks, pharmacy, a variety of dining options and bars with live music are available.

Tours trough Azuero province by Cubita Tours:

  • Historical tours: across Cubita lands, “La Ruta de Bajadoz” and “Dominios de Urraca”.
  • Cultural Tours: “Made in Herrera” – Visits to handcraft factories and local food
  • Ecological Tours: excursions, whale watching and sea turtles (depending on the season).
  • Adventure Tours: wet rappelling in “Chorros de Guazán” and river rafting.
  • Holidays Tours: carnavals such as: carnaval de Las Tablas, carnaval de Penonomé; religious festivities: Santa Librada, Corpus Christi; festivals and celebrations:  Festival de Las Mil Pollera, Día de la independencia, Festival del Manito, Festival de La Mejorana, and much more.
  • Natural spa at  “El Salto de Las Palmas” in Veraguas.

Within a 20-minute drive from Buenaventura:

  • Río Hato International Airport.
  • Coronado International School, a bilingual private school.
  • Clínica San Fernando, (private) Coronado.
  • Centro de salud (public) in San Carlos.


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